Bulk Black List Checking API

We are going to provide you an API service for IP/domain black list checking to maintain and monitor your reputation across the black list monitoring services.As you have already used our black list checker so you know our reliability.

We will provide you two API endpoints to check your IPv4, IPv6 and domains/web urls for black list checking.
It gives you listing data of SpamCop,Spamhaus,Barracudacentral,senderscore,server ip address and PTR records of your given Ip addresses to check your Ip reputations and email spam reporting service.
Second end point for domains/urls checking that gives you ability to checking these data are A-records,Spamhaus,Hostkarmer,SpamCop,Stearns,Outblaze,Abusebtler,Joewein and URIBl.

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More Plans

Lookups API Calls Limit per call IPv4/IPv6 Lookup Domain lookup Pricing Monthly
10,000 1000 10 Yes Yes
30,000 1,500 20 Yes Yes
50,000 2,500 20 Yes Yes
100,000 4,000 25 Yes Yes
200,000 8,000 25 Yes Yes
300,000 10,000 30 Yes Yes
500,000 10,000 50 Yes Yes

Blacklist Checking API Package explained

Example: You have 50,000 Lookups package
So that, it will be work like this
20 X 2,500 = 50,000 Lookups
Note: Limit per call is the number of IP/domain you can send in your request if you send any number according to your package limit, it will be count as 1 API call.

IP address API response example screenshot below:


Domain API Response example screenshot below: